GuideDress code & Etiquette rules
We established the following rules so that players can have a pleasant time at our club.
We ask for your understanding and cooperation.
Dress code (clothing)
  • Please wear outerwear upon entering/leaving and inside the restaurant after playing golf. (Excludes summer time from July 1 to September 30)
    Please also take off cold-protecting clothes (wind breaker/down jacket, etc.) inside the restaurant.
  • Please refrain from entering with T shirt, sweat shirt, jeans, jacket, hi-neck, sneaker, sandals, bare foot, etc.
  • What to wear on the golf course
    • Please wear collared sports shirt or cuffed turtle neck.
      Please refrain from wearing clothes with flashy designs or patterns.
    • Please tuck shirttails inside slacks, and do not allow them to hang outside.
    • Please refrain from wearing cargo-type pants and shorts with large swelling pockets.
    • Please refrain from hanging towels around your neck, shoulders, or down your waist.
    • If you decide to wear shorts, please make sure to wear socks or short socks.
    • Please make effort to wear well composed clothes deemed appropriate for golf etiquette.
    • You are allowed to wear functional shirt underneath half sleeves shirt, but please make sure it does not have flashy colors or patterns.
    • For men : Please do not wear pants with elastic (e.g.7inch pants,cropped pants,etc.),spats,leggings,etc.
    Fellowship committee
If you are a member, please make sure to inform guests about our dress code policy.

Etiquette rules
  • Please only smoke at the designated smoking area. If you decide to smoke inside the course, please smoke at locations that provide ashtrays near the teeing ground.
  • Please only use mobile phones at designated locations inside the clubhouse.
  • Please gather in front of the start point of teeing ground 10 minutes before the scheduled start time.
  • Please aim to finish half round within 2 hours. Please make effort to play quickly.
  • To speed up the game, please make sure to bring 2 to 3 clubs when the ball enters inside forest or hazard zone.
  • It’s dangerous to swing the ball toward the group in front. Please make sure to keep adequate distance from the group in front by following the instructions of caddies.
  • When you enter inside the bunker, please make sure to enter/leave from the lowest spot, and smooth off the ground by yourself.
  • Please fix the ball mark on the green, and please do not drag the spike.
  • When there is more than 1 hole gap between the group in front of you, and if the group behind you is waiting to play, please allow the group behind you to go in front of your group.
  • Use of metal spikes is prohibited.